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Applause...and kind words...


What educators,counselors,parents have to say about our program....
"I have seen this program for 4 years and each time I take something from it" Jill Steffer, Lenkerville Elementary

"Please continue to visit Second Grade at Lenkerville" Donna Lee Hepler, Lenkerville

"A job well done-Thanks!" Steelton-Highspire Elementary

"All three 2nd grade teachers are new to the program and they raved about it- said we need more programs like this" "It enhances our second grade guidance program  which deals with individual differences" E. Gordon, Lincoln Elementary

"This is a very worth while program for our age group".. "Please come again" E. H. Phillips Elementary

"Thanks for the great job. this is the third time I have seen your program and I am always impressed." Dennis Carney, Spina Bifida Association of America/Young Eagles Program


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