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Calling all PAS Staff and Student Workers!
Hope you can juggle your busy schedule......

to fit in

The Box Office
Holiday Luncheon Get-together
Friday, December 8, 11:30pm till..
(fit the time around your schedule)

We are planning a holiday ornament "grab bag" again so bring a wrapped holiday ornament if you want to participate in that

Below is the list of suggestions of what you might bring if you don't already have something in mind
E-mail me and I will keep the list updated as to who is bringing what(*items are those no one has signed up for yet)

Whatever specialty dish you might wish to "cook"up..
One lb sliced lunch meat-Teri
*One lb sliced lunch meat-
One pound sliced cheese-Teri
*veggie dip
chip dip-Billy
2 dozen rolls-Billy
*deli salad(slaw or macaroni or potato salad or pasta)
*deli salad(slaw or macaroni or potato salad or pasta)
Chicken Salad-Linda
salad- Lori-cranberry-pineapple-orange salad
Mandy&Mrs Mulkey-Crab dip with bread bowl&cookies
dessert- Kristin Chocolate cake/pbutter icing
dessert- almond puff pastry-Jen
dessert-Susan-pumpkin dip and vanilla wafers
gallon iced tea-Kristin- peach and regular

E-MAIL Linda at or or click on the snowman's nose if you are reading this from your home computer
PS I have extended an invitation to  PAS "Alumni" as well:

namely; Adrienne(in classes but will try to stop), Barb(said she was coming some time ago), Corina(trying to make it), Jeanne, Lisa, Jennifer-(sends her regrets and Hi!to all), Michelle(coming),Tanya(coming)-did I miss anybody?