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'"People who are blind don't mind when you use words like 'look' or see'," says Renaldo,"For me," Renaldo says, "being blind means that I have to do some things in a different way--like how I tap my white cane in front of me to help me get wherever I want to go."

Originally developed in conjunction with the Maryland State School for the Blind, the Kids on the Block Program on Visual Impairment features puppet character, Renaldo Rodriguez, who has been blind since he was born. Script material promotes awareness, addresses myths and misperceptions about visual impairment, adaptive technology and appropriate ways to interact with a person who has a visual impairment.

Visual Impairment Script


Mark and some of the other kids have planned a camping trip, without inviting Renaldo. They thought that, since Renaldo is blind, he would not be able to go. Renaldo shows Mark how he can do the same things as anyone else, just in a different way. (Renaldo, Mark)