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Here is a list of some of the many  books available from The Dauphin County Library that cover topics from "The Kidís on the Block" program on disability awareness. If any students would like to send us a book review of any of these books or other books they may have discovered in their school library, We would like to hear from them and perhaps include their book recommendations and reports on our web page. This page and booklist was last updated July 2002.

TITLE Going places : children living with cerebral palsy /
AUTHOR Bergman, Thomas, 1947-


TITLE I'm the Big Sister Now
AUTHOR 1) Emmert, Michelle.

2) Owens, Gail,

SUMMARY Nine-year-old Michelle describes the joys, loving times,difficulties, and other special situations involved in living with her older sister Amy Emmert, who was born severely disabled with cerebral palsy.

TITLE Imagine me on a sit-ski*

AUTHOR ) Moran, George, 1948-

2) Westcott, Nadine Bernard,

SUMMARY A child who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair describes learning to ski with adaptive equipment.

TITLE Sara's secret
AUTHOR 1) Wanous, Suzanne, 1959-

2) Haas, Shelly O.,

SUMMARY At first Sara doesn't want anyone at her new school to now about her younger brother Justin who has cerebral palsy.


TITLE I'm deaf, and it's okay
AUTHOR 1) Aseltine, Lorraine.

2) Mueller, Evelyn.

3) Tait, Nancy.

4) Cogancherry, Helen,

IMPRINT Niles, Ill. : A. Whitman & Co., c1986.
SUMMARY A young boy describes the frustrations caused by his deafness and the encouragement he receives from a teenager who is deaf to lead an active life.

* TITLE Handtalk school
AUTHOR 1) Mary Beth.

2) Ancona, George.

MPRINT New York : Four Winds Press ; Toronto : Collier Macmillan Canada:New York : Maxwell Macmillan International, c1991.

SUMMARY Words and sign language depict a group of students involved in putting on a Thanksgiving play at a school for children who are deaf.

TITLE Listening with my heart
AUTHOR Whitestone, Heather.

2) Hunt, Angela Elwell, 1957-

IMPRINT New York : Doubleday, 1997.
SUMMARY The first woman with a disability to win the Miss America Pageant tells the story of her deafness, love of ballet,education, and challenge to fulfill her God-given potential.

TITLE I have a sister--my sister is deaf
AUTHOR 1) Peterson, Jeanne Whitehouse.
IMPRINT New York : Harper & Row, c1977.
SUMMARY A young girl describes how her sister who is deaf experiences everyday things.
AUTHOR 1) Greene, Laura.

TITLE Sign language

IMPRINT New York : Franklin Watts, 1981.
SUMMARY Discusses the development of sign language and describes how it is used in conjunction with finger spelling, speechreading,and other forms of communication to help individuals with impaired hearing.

TITLE Cindy, a hearing ear dog
AUTHOR 1) Curtis, Patricia.
IMPRINT New York : Dutton, c1981.
SUMMARY Describes the training of young dogs, selected from pounds and humane shelters, to help owners who are deaf by alerting them to sounds they cannot hear and providing companionship.

TITLE Night-day, sleep-play : a book of opposites in signed English
AUTHOR 1) Silver, Ann, 1949-

2) Preschool Signed English Project.

IMPRINT Washington : Gallaudet College Press, 1974.

TITLE Handtalk birthday : a number and story book in sign language
AUTHOR 1) Charlip, Remy.

  • IMPRINT New York : Four Winds Press, c1987.

  • SUMMARY Words and sign language depict friends helping a friend who is deaf celebrate her birthday.
  • *
  • TITLE Handtalk Zoo
    AUTHOR 1) Ancona, George,

    2) Mary Beth,
    IMPRINT New York : Four Winds Press, c1989.

  • SUMMARY Words and sign language depict children at the zoo discovering how to sign the names of various animals and how to tell time.

  • *

    TITLE Moses goes to a concert
    AUTHOR Millman, Isaac.
    IMPRINT New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1998.
    SUMMARY Moses and his schoolmates, all deaf, attend a concert where the orchestra's percussionist is also deaf. Includes illustrations in sign language and a page showing the manual alphabet.

    TITLE Move over, wheelchairs coming through! Seven young people in wheelchairs talk about their livesAUTHOR Roy, Ron, 1940-
    IMPRINT New York : Clarion Books, c
    SUMMARY Text and photographs present seven youngsters between the ages of nine and nineteen who use wheelchairs in their fully active lives at home, at school, and on vacation.

    * TITLE Wheelchair field events
    AUTHOR Little, James R.
    IMPRINT Mankato, Minn. : RiverFront Books, 1998.
    SUMMARY Introduces wheelchair field events, relates the history of these activities and discusses the rules, equipment, and training needed to participate safely. *

    TITLE Wheelchair basketball
    AUTHOR 1) Labanowich, Stan.
    IMPRINT Mankato, Minn. : RiverFront Books, 1998.
    SUMMARY Discusses the history, rules, equipment and training related to wheelchair basketball.

    TITLE:        Our teacher's in a wheelchair /
    AUTHOR:       Powers, Mary Ellen.
    Call:         (ESA)Summary:      Text and photographs depict the activities of Brian Hanson, who is able to lead an active existence as a nursery school teacher despite a partial paralysis requiring the use of a wheelchair.


    TITLE What if you couldn't ... ? : A book about special needs

    AUTHOR Kamien, Janet.
    IMPRINT New York : Scribner, c1979.

    TITLE The special child : a source book for parents of children with developmental disabilitiesTeacher resource
    AUTHOR 1) Pueschel, Siegfried M.

    2) Bernier, James C.

    3) Weidenman, Leslie Ellen, 1952-

    TITLE Mental and emotional disabilities
    AUTHOR 1) Dick, Jean.

    2) Kantar, Maythee.
    IMPRINT Mankato, MN, U.S.A. : Crestwood House, c1988.SUMMARY Discusses autism, depression, mental retardation, dyslexia, stuttering, hyperactivity, and other disabilities that we are learning more about.

    TITLE:      Just kids : visiting a class for children with special needs
    AUTHOR:       Senisi, Ellen B.
    Call:         (ESA)Summary:      Second-grader Cindy is assigned to spend part of each day in the class for students with special needs, where she finds out that even though some kids may learn differently or have different abilities, they are all "just kids."

      Teacher Resources


    TITLE A special kind of hero : Chris Burke's own story
    AUTHOR 1) Burke, Chris, 1965-
    2) McDaniel, Jo Beth.
    IMPRINT New York : Doubleday, 1991.SUMMARY Biography of Chris Burke a television actor from the TV series"Life goes on" Chris was born with Down Syndrome.


    TITLE Differences in common : straight talk on mental retardation,Down syndrome, and life
    AUTHOR 1) Trainer, Marilyn
    IMPRINT Rockville, Md. : Woodbine House, 1991.

    TITLE Naomi knows it's springtime

    AUTHOR ) Kroll, Virginia L.

    2) Kastner, Jill.


    TITLE Mandy Sue Day
    AUTHOR 1) Karim, Roberta.

    2) Ritz, Karen,
    IMPRINT New York : Clarion Books, c1994.SUMMARY Using her senses of taste, hearing, touch, and smell, a girl who is blind enjoys a special day on the farm.

    TITLE Lucy's picture
    AUTHOR 1) Moon, Nicola.

    2) Ayliffe, Alex,
    IMPRINT New York : Dial Books for Young Readers, 1995.SUMMARY A young girl creates a special picture that her grandfather who is blind can "see" with his hands.

    TITLE Hannah
    AUTHOR 1) Whelan, Gloria.

    2) Bowman, Leslie W.,
    IMPRINT New York : Knopf, c1991.
    SUMMARY Hannah, a girl who is blind living in Michigan in the late nineteenth century, doesn't go to school, until a new teacher comes to board at their house.

    TITLE Louis Braille
    AUTHOR Bryant, Jennifer.
    IMPRINT New York : Chelsea House, c1993.
    SUMMARY A biography of the nineteenth-century Frenchman, accidentally blinded as a child, who originated the raised dot system of reading and writing used by the blind throughout the world.

    TITLE:      Apt. 3
    AUTHOR:       Keats, Ezra Jack.
    Call:         (CL)
    Summary:      On a rainy day two brothers try to discover who is playing the harmonica they hear in their apartment building.

    TITLE:      Out of darkness : the story of Louis Braille/
    AUTHOR:       Freedman, Russell.
    Call:         (CL)Summary:      A biography of the nineteenth-century Frenchman who, having been blinded himself at the age of three, went on to develop a system of raised dots on paper that enabled people who were blind to read and write.

      .TITLE:        Bird Boy /

    AUTHOR:       Hill, Elizabeth Star

    Call:         (ESA)   JUVENILE FICTION J HILSummary:      Chang, a Chinese boy who can not talk, whose father uses cormorants to fish, is pleased when he is finally old enough to help with the Big Catch and the raising of a new bird.

      TITLE:        Brian's bird

    AUTHOR:       Davis, Patricia Anne.

    Call:         (ESA)Summary:      Eight-year-old Brian, who is blind, learns how to take care of his new parakeet and comes to realize that his older brother, while sometimes careless, is not so bad after all.

    TITLE:      Do you remember the color blue? : and other questions kids ask about blindness

    AUTHOR:       Alexander, Sally Hobart.Call:
    Children ask questions of an AUTHOR who lost her vision at the age of twenty-seven, including "How did you become blind?" "How can you read?" and "Was it hard to be a parent when you couldn't see your kids?"

    TITLE:      Rainbow Joe and me /

    AUTHOR:       Strom, Maria Diaz.

    Call:         (ESA)   PICTURE BOOKS JP S
    Summary:      Eloise shares her love of colors with her friend Rainbow Joe, who is blind and makes his own colors when he plays beautiful notes on his saxophone.



    Call:         (ESA)   JUVENILE NON-FICTION JNF

      TITLE:SEEING IN SPECIAL WAYS--children living with blindness /

    AUTHOR:       Bergman, Thomas, 1947-

    Call:         (CL)Summary:      Interviews with a group of children in Sweden-some blind and others partially sighted, reveal their feelings about their disability and the ways they use their other senses to help them "see."